The undiscovered health benefits of Glutathione

As popular as Glutathione is here in the Philippines, it is somehow still a misunderstood compound.

With all the health benefits that Glutathione offers, it has also been rumored to give gastrointestinal pain, skin allergies, and other negative effects. This is a concern especially to people who are already using the substance and those who wish to use it but are still hesitant.

Health benefits of Glutathione - Snow Caps - VIDA Nutriscience - Kohjin Life Sciences

So, in an effort to deliver new knowledge about the health benefits of Glutathione and to finally dispel the unfounded negative talk about this amazing compound, leading food supplement brand, VIDA Nutriscience, have teamed up with Japan’s Kohjin Life Sciences and held a press conference titled, “What Filipinos Need to Know about Glutathione” at Hotel Jen just recently.Read more