Globe Apps (G Apps) – Perfect for my lifestyle!

You gotta love how smartphones make things so much easier. I admit, I am quite dependent on my smartphone when it comes to a lot of things.

And why shouldn’t I be? Haven’t I always stressed, even during my talks, that your smartphone is supposed to make you more efficient? It was created to make you a better person overall.

It’s called a smartphone because it’s designed to be smart enough to aid you in accomplishing more.

Just take a good stroll around the App Store or Google Play Store (if you’re using an Android device) and you’ll immediately see what I mean.

In my case, I use a ton of apps to get errands and chores done (Sunrise, Clear), apps for saving and accessing my online scripts for tapings (Google Docs), apps to take better photos (Camera+, VSCO Cam), to stay healthy and stay on track with my fitness regimen (Fitstar, RunKeeper, Misfit), apps to help me find my way (Waze, Google Maps) and so much more.

But as much as I already love my device, you gotta love it even more when your smartphone works seamlessly with your own telco, empowering you further via really cool custom designed apps and services created to make your life a whole lot easier in a lot of aspects.

G Apps - Globe Telecom

If you’re on Globe (like me!), you may have already heard about most (if not all) of these awesome Globe Apps, or what we have now come to simply know as: G Apps!

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