Fisher Farms Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus – Healthy and Hassle-Free!

I love milkfish (commonly known as Bangus here in the Philippines). No matter what kind of way this flavorful fish is prepared, I always look forward to it.

Not only is Bangus versatile… it is also incredibly healthy. This fish used to be part of my strict diet when I was on my rigorous weight loss and fitness program wherein I dropped 50 lbs.

One amazing way Bangus is popularly prepared is “relleno” style. And it is just as show-stopping and ahhh-inducing as perhaps a lechon or a leg of ham on the dining table. Apart from that, with Rellenong Bangus, you don’t consume as many calories as when you indulge in fatty dishes. Now, that is something well worth considering.

Fisher Farms Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus

So, when I was invited by the good folks of Fisher Farms to witness the launch of their newest product – the Fisher Farms Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus – I knew that I just had to be there and to experience how an already delicious and well-loved dish can become more flavorful and endearing.

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