Fireside by Kettle at the SM Mega Fashion Hall

Fireside by Kettle is a new restaurant located inside the SM Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. Just as the name of new establishment says, Fireside is owned and operated by the same wonderful folks of Kettle (one of the hottest food spots inside Shangri-La Plaza’s newest wing).

Fireside by Kettle - SM Fashion Hall

If you’ve been to Kettle before, you pretty much already have an idea of how incredible the dishes of Fireside are.

Think of Fireside as more of a mature version of Kettle in terms of offerings.

Fireside by Kettle - SM Fashion Hall

Why is the establishment called, “Fireside”, you may ask? Because, according to them, in a campfire gathering, all the action and fun happens around the fire. All the great stories that are shared as well as good amounts of laughter and bonding happens at the fireside. This restaurant seeks to capture that kind of wonderful experience… where great moments and amazing memories are created.

During my recent visit to this very cool place, I was absolutely excited to try out the dishes that will undoubtedly make Fireside by Kettle another hit with people who love great food. I can’t wait to tell you about ’em!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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