Pru Life UK salutes every Pinoy fighter by bringing the “Fight of the Century” to Bantayan Island, Cebu and 7 other communities

The Filipino spirit is undeniable.

People from all walks of life the world over have seen the resiliency, strength and positivity Pinoys are known to possess regardless of whatever challenge lies ahead.

This admirable character is perhaps never more evident, in my opinion, than when Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) hit our country just a couple of years back.

The devastation this super typhoon left in its wake has been incomprehensible to the eyes of the world.. and yet, apart from the grief and pain that the international community have witnessed, they have also seen how strong our people are even when faced with seemingly insurmountable trials.

We fall. We pick ourselves up. And we fight. Again. We never say, “enough”… and we hardly complain. We just play with the cards dealt us and we press on.

Manny Pacquiao best symbolizes this incredible spirit that is innate in every Filipino. His struggle as a youth and the will power and persistence to fight on may be one of the reasons why we are drawn to him and his inspiring rags-to-riches story. When Manny fights, the entire nation stops on its tracks and… even for just a moment, all our problems are forgotten… politics and differences are set aside and we are suddenly, once again, a united people.

Pru Life UK - For Every Pinoy Fighter
Bantayan Island, Cebu

One of the many places still struggling to pick themselves up from the wrath of super typhoon Yolanda is Bantayan Island in Cebu. This place was one of the worst-hit islands in the country when super typhoon Yolanda struck the country in November 2013, claiming more than 6,000 lives. After almost two years since the destruction, the island, together with the affected provinces in the Central Visayas region, continues recovery efforts with the support of charitable organizations and Pru Life UK’s Prudence Foundation. The Foundation has provided livelihood and rehabilitation to the people of Bantayan Island for the past year; aiding almost 90 per cent of the population with their substantial needs.

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