EyeFly 3D – Pretty fly on the naked eye

3D technology. It’s been the craze and the “in” thing the past few years.

Almost every movie shown in theatres also feature 3D versions of their film. Even most television sets and computer monitors have 3D-capable displays as well. They’re all pretty awesome, you have to admit.

The only drawback of having your own 3D display, though, is the cost of purchasing one. As much as the price of these gadgets have significantly lowered, it still takes a substantial amount of money to obtain them.

Thankfully, there are a few smart individuals who came up with an ingenious thingamajig that converts the screens of your smartphones and tablets into 3D capable displays, enabling you to view 3D images and videos without the aid of 3D glasses.

It’s called EyeFly 3D.

EyeFly 3D Logo“No way!” you say? I don’t blame you for being a little bit skeptical. I doubted the technology myself when I first heard about it.

EyeFly 3D doesn’t use a parallax barrier display which darkens the screen and produces extreme but comfortable 3D. Instead, they use a lenticular lens array to produce high-quality 3D that is natural to the human eye. Get this… on the EyeFly 3D, there are HALF A MILLION lenses sending separate images to your left and right eye. These images are instantly processed into 3D by your brain. Amazing, right?

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