Globe Fair Use Policy – My mobile data usage experiment (Updated always)

Globe TelecomPeople have been going crazy recently and getting so uptight about this much talked about “Fair Use Policy” by telcos.

Globe Telecom in particular has been taking a lot of heat because of this widely contested and greatly opposed mobile data regulation.

The Globe Fair Use Policy (FUP)

For those who aren’t too keen about what this Fair Use Policy (FUP) is all about, here is a brief overview…

According to Globe Telecom’s website:

The Fair Use Policy of Globe is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world. It is intended to ensure that all customers will have the equal opportunity to enjoy the services offered by Globe. As such, the Fair Use Policy may be used to protect Globe customers against entities or persons utilizing Globe services in a manner that runs counter to the intent of the product or service, fraudulent, or exceeding normal standards of use.

To know more about Globe’s Fair Use Policy, click here.

Globe Fair Use Policy

Basically, in a nutshell, customers on a mobile internet promo who exceed 1GB/day or 3GB/month will have their data transfer speeds automatically throttled down to 2G. This prevents the 3% of users who generate enormous volumes of traffic on the network using file-sharing software and torrent applications on their smartphones (or through tethering) to abuse the service.

The Fair Use Policy has always been in existence. It just hasn’t been strictly enforced for the longest time… until now.

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