Trainer Encouragement… (A Much Needed Kick In The Butt!)

Some people think that having a trainer in the gym to look after you and encourage you is a waste of time (and money)…

It depends actually.

Find a trainer that really cares about your progress – not just about fattening his own wallet.  That way, you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

It pays to have someone there who will push you to do more… especially when you’re screaming in pain, wanting to let go and give up.

Just look at how I was coaxed to press on and do more reps on my “Rope Shakes” when I thought I couldn’t last any longer.

“Di ko na kaya!”, I said.  “Kaya pa!”, my trainer rebutted.  20 seconds later, I begged again, “Tama na!”. “Sige pa! 15 seconds na lang!”, my trainer answered.

I was screaming and heaving… longer… and longer.

As painful as it was, I knew deep inside that pressing on to do more will bring better (and faster) results… and just like in life, when your mind tells you that you can do no more… that little kick in the butt, so to speak, does absolute wonders.

You’d be surprised how much more you can do with a little more encouragement.