Family Enchantment

Enchanted Kingdom (Entrance) My family and I quite recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit one of the better (and bigger) theme parks here in the Philippines… “Enchanted Kingdom”.  Imagine a mini Disneyland in your mind… got it?  Now cut that imaginary image in half! LOL!

But still, it is pretty big.  In fact, it might be the largest (in terms of land space) in our country.

Mr & Mrs! :) The last time I visited this place was way back in 1995 when the establishment just opened.  So, you can pretty much gather that I was just as excited as my two kids who were visiting the place for the very first time.  Similarly, my wife hasn’t been there for a while and was raring to go.

We were like giddy tourists… camera in hand, food in the van, and extra clothes in the bag.

Reach for the ramen! :PAs soon as we got inside, our initial thought was… “Which ride should we try out first?!”.  We were  overwhelmed by what we saw considering everything was new to us.

Though we had “All-Day” passes (similar to “Ride-All-You-Can” tickets), we still had to contend with long lines.  And the areas where these long lines were situated didn’t have enough ventilation… so you can somehow make out how humid and smelly these queues were… Ewwww.

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