Krispy Kreme JOY IN A BOX Donuts Giveaway

I  absolutely love Krispy Kreme donuts. My family does, too. Whenever we’re out at the mall, we make it a point to drive by Krispy Kreme to take home a couple of boxes of their donuts so we have something delicious to enjoy at home. It also makes for great family bonding.

There was a time when all I could think about was their original glazed donuts. Hahaha! I’d make sure to stop by their store for these yummy goodies all the time.

I particularly love their new Krispy Kreme JOY IN A BOX donuts which not only tastes great but is also an amazing way to convey cute and novelty messages to friends, family and loved ones.

Check out our very own Krispy Kreme JOY IN BOX donuts…

Krispy Kreme Joy In A Box (Dreyfus)

Cute, right?

Each box of Krispy Kreme JOY IN A BOX donuts contain 20 cute pieces of beignets which you can customize and form a 20-character message by adding letters, drawings/artwork or simply by using sprinkles.

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