Lack of discipline – Closing the door (Video)

We Filipinos complain about a lot of things. Common Pinoy folk would bicker and rant about how bad the state of our lives are and how tired we all are about the sad and seemingly hopeless predicament majority of us are in.

As much as we are all entitled to express our feelings and frustrations, it would be most wise to also look inwards and do a “self-check” to see if part of the problem is of our own doing.

That being said, a common fault of Filipinos is lack of discipline. It isn’t difficult to see.

Just earlier today, I was in a hospital observing how inattentive we Filipinos are in reading (and obeying) simple rules and regulations. I decided to record everything that I have been observing. And from what little amount of time I had (roughly 5mins) to document it, majority of what I caught on video is very telling.


Again… lack of discipline.

How can we expect (let alone demand) a better and more progressive nation if we ourselves cannot follow even the simplest of instructions? It is very hypocritical to start pointing fingers at others when the root of our problems start with us.

Something to think about.

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