My secret weapon against stress and aging!

My lifestyle takes me to a lot of places. And travel has long become a huge part of my way of life. You probably already know this if you’ve been following my blog and my vlogs on my YouTube channel as well. And while travel may seem to be all fun and excitement, it only is all that when you’re healthy enough to take on the physical toll that this type of work demands.

Chuckie Dreyfus - Lavender Fields - Provence France - Snow Caps
Lavender Fields in Provence, France

Yes, there’s no denying that traveling is great. But preparation for each trip is key. The fatigue and stress that one endures not only during transit but during the actual stay can eventually manifest in many ways. So, I make sure to stay in shape and keep my health in tip-top form in order to fully enjoy everything that each trip has to offer.

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