Digital Natives, a safer future and Globe

I remember back in the day when I, as a kid, would play with a Transformers toy. I’d effortlessly switch it from vehicle to robot and vice versa with no difficulty at all… It was as if I knew it like the back of my hand.

I was part of that generation. A generation who grew up playing with PCs powered with DOS, Wordstar and Windows 3.1. Things and technologies of our time which seemed so complicated for the parents of our generation to comprehend, let alone operate, we simply just knew how to use. Perhaps because it was something we naturally grew up with… not something we deliberately had to learn and master.

Now… a new generation is emerging – the “Digital Natives”.

These Digital Natives are the children growing up today – kids who are growing up in a digital environment that they just automatically and naturally know how to be a part of.

Just as we, who grew up with things and concepts that our parents found difficult to comprehend, the kids of today do not remember a time in their lives without the internet, a computer or even a smartphone. These things just are. And for these Digital Natives, what we consider to be challenging learning curves in this day and age are seemingly second nature to them. They are the first generation to grow up “digital” and so have a fundamentally different relationship with technology and have greater understanding of its concepts.

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