Divine Degustacion

I just had one of the best gastronomical experiences recently. No doubt, one for the books… and probably the looooooongest dining experience in my entire life.

My wife and I had the pleasure of being part of an amazing food tasting dinner event called, “Hayop Na Degustacion”… and I have Ms. Dedet dela Fuente and her very own Pepita’s Kitchen to thank for this delicious journey which isn’t just a feast to the tummy but also to the eyes.

Our plateTogether with a few good friends and foodies, we were presented with a vast selection of dishes that not only had cute interesting names, but had tastes that were mind-blowing as well.

It’s quite difficult for a non-foodie like me to elaborately describe every dish that was served to us… so, I shall let my photos do the talking instead. But I must warn you… some of the images may leave you hungry.

Let’s begin…

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