PHOTOBLOG: Exploring Mati, Davao Oriental

If you haven’t been outside of Davao City, you haven’t really discovered the true beauty of this incredible province. Davao is one of those destinations that many of our tourists (and locals) should go out of their way to explore. Many will be pleasantly surprised to find out that there is much more to the Philippines than just the usual popular destinations we grown accustomed to visiting such as Boracay, Palawan and Siargao.

One such place is Mati in Davao Oriental. I had a wonderful time flying to Davao via AirAsia and visiting Mati with a couple of friends just a few weeks ago where we spent about two days taking in all its beauty and splendor. I had fun vlogging about my short trip there which I hope you will watch out for very soon on my YouTube channel and Facebook Page. Ahead of that, I’d like to share with you this quick photoblog, hoping it might tease you enough to encourage you and your friends (and maybe family) to see the place yourselves.

Let’s begin…

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