WESTERN UNION – No wait, no worry, no problem!

My wife and I have family living abroad and in the province.

Every now and then, we remit money to our loved ones as gifts or for urgent matters.

It has been through experience that we’ve learned that sometimes the most common method is not always the easiest method.

It’s true. Take remittance for example. Whenever you think “money”, the word “bank” always comes in tow. It’s a common association.

While it’s true that we entrust banks in the safekeeping of our hard-earned savings, it doesn’t immediately follow that all other bank services, though safe, are the easiest and most hassle-free.

Just after the holiday season, countless post-holiday SALES have been happening abroad. And I figured it would be great to purchase some stuff overseas while these price-drops are happening.

My main concern was how to send money to family abroad immediately before these crazy sale events end.

I was eyeing this really cool wifi router which I wanted so bad – a Linksys (Cisco) router that uses the latest band protocol. Since I had a relative flying back to Manila a during that time. I had the opportunity to have the item I wanted, hand-carried on the flight and brought to me real fast. That saves me a ton on shipping fees and tax!

But how do I send my money abroad so they can purchase the item for me? I didn’t want to hassle my relatives too much since it was a favor and making it as trouble-free as possible for them was of utmost importance to me.

Bank transfer wasn’t an option. Too tedious and it takes days (even weeks) for money to reach its destination. By the time my relatives get it abroad, it would be too late.

Know what wonderful solution I came up with?

I sent money to my relatives abroad through Western Union.

Western Union Remittance

The moment I finished my remittance transaction and stepped out of the Western Union outlet, my relatives already had the money! It was crazy fast!
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