Co Ban Kiat Hardware: 100 Years of Providing World Class Hardware Solutions

From introducing a do-it-yourself concept that birth to the retail concept in the hardware market in the Philippines, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. kicks off a year of celebration for its 100 years founding anniversary. Truly, the trusted distributor of global hardware and home improvement brands will continue providing more years of world class hardware solutions.

Rooted from its humble beginning that started in 1920, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc., the giant hardware today was founded in the heart of Binondo, Manila’s own Chinatown, due to the business acquisition efforts of the Cobankiat family patriarch. The wholesale buy and sell hardware business was no exception and highly devastated when World War II happened. Hanging by a thread after the war, Co Ban Kiat resume business in the makeshift shanty and begun helping people in rebuilding their homes and establishments by providing hardware materials.

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