Modern Shanghai – Feast on good food!

I’ve got a family that adores Chinese cuisine. Whenever we plan on dining out and there is suddenly an opportunity to choose what kind of food to eat, almost always, my wife and kids would suggest to dine at a Chinese restaurant.

Modern Shanghai

You can imagine how happy my wife was when we visited one of the branches of a fairly young restaurant called, “Modern Shanghai”. Modern Shanghai is a franchise from Hong Kong that proudly offers honest-to-goodness Chinese cuisine in a casual yet classy dining set-up.

Modern Shanghai

Unlike your typical casual Chinese restaurant that is usually brightly lit and with lots of noise from customers and staff, Modern Shanghai gives off a classier atmosphere with ambient lighting very conducive for meetings, romantic dates and intimate gatherings.

Modern Shanghai

Modern Shanghai’s offerings have deeply rooted historical significance in various parts of China – from the province of Guangdong to the coastal province of Shangdong. Their dishes are prepared using traditional ingredients and cooking methods to preserve their authenticity.

Allow me to showcase a few of Modern Shanghai’s incredible dishes which I am quite confident you will enjoy with friends and family as well.

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