An unforgettable wine and cheese tasting experience in Paris, France

Enjoying a selection of cheese with a glass of delicious wine is something I would never ever pass up. It is, in my opinion, one of mankind’s greatest pleasures (and creations).

I’ve always loved cheese. All kinds, in fact. From the subtlest flavor to the strongest and most pungent of varieties. Wine, on the other hand, is something I rarely enjoy. It isn’t my go-to beverage when I visit restaurants and bars. But, that isn’t to say that I dislike them altogether. I don’t mind a glass of red every now and then — especially when there’s a fine selection of cheese around.

You see, this practice of serving wine and cheese together have lasted for many generations, dating back hundreds of years. And no one knows the delight of this culinary art more than the French. This is exactly why I made it a point to experience an authentic wine and cheese tasting session during my recent trip to Paris, France.

How can you not, right?

For those who aren’t aware, my great grandfather is French. He grew up in a town located in the Alsace region called, Obershaeffolsheim. It sounds German, I know. But only because Alsace has long been in the middle of a tug-of-war between France and Germany, being ceded by the Germans more than once.

So… what better way to immerse myself in some of the finer French culinary practices than by partaking of some wine and cheese the way my great grandfather used to enjoy it.

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