Crazy over Carmen’s Best Ice Cream! GC Giveaway, too!

I don’t think there’s any kind of sadness or problem a good serving of ice cream cannot fix.

This is a testament to the wonders of our age-old, childhood favorite delight.

But do you know what’s way better than ice cream? Grrrrrrreat tasting and awesomely rich ice cream! The kind that’s oh so flavorful, with texture that’s so silky smooth and milky at the same time, that it seems like the cream is enveloping your entire tongue and coating your palate.

Is there such an ice cream, you ask? If you look hard enough, yes. And I was fortunte enough to discover where wonderful ice cream can be found.

Carmen’s Best.

Carmen's Best Ice Cream

Carmen’s Best Artisenal Ice Cream is one of the best (if not the best) ice cream brands anywhere in the metro. There are a few good reasons why people have started talking about it and kept multitudes coming back for more.

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