How Much Do You Really Value Your Mobile Device?

How important is your mobile device to you? Have you really thought about it?

Lemme share my thoughts…

Ever since I owned my very first smartphone, I realized the potential it had to make me more productive and to be able to accomplish things much faster. Whenever I upgraded to the latest model of a mobile device, it wasn’t just because it seemed “cool” but also so I could further upgrade my productivity. Deadlines were easier to meet, correspondences while being on the road became normal, and because of affordable mobile data plans, I am connected to friends, fans and family 24/7.

My mobile device has greatly decreased my time being in front of the desktop. So much so that anything needed to be done online is accomplished via my mobile device and hardly on my workstation anymore. I’m sure you can relate, too.

Our dependency to these gadgets are similar to that of our vehicles and our home. Why? Because we invest so much in these things and we greatly value their worth.

My question now is… if we value jewelries, our cars, and our homes enough to have them insured, why can’t we do the same with our mobile devices? We should, shouldn’t we?

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