Wrong Ramen is Ramen Done Right

My family and I recently checked out a restaurant amusingly called, WRONG RAMEN, located in Burgos Circle at The Fort.

I’ll tell you this… I hardly fall for Oriental noodle dishes. The only time I fell absolutely in love with something like this was when I tried out RAMEN BAR at Robinson’s Magnolia a few months ago (you can check out my review on Ramen Bar by clicking here).

Wrong Ramen

Anyways, here we were… right in front of the establishment. Ours was a mixed feeling of excitement and hunger (yes, we really look forward to new food spot adventures with much enthusiasm).

As we entered the place, the only thing on my mind was the hope that WRONG RAMEN’s dishes would at least taste just as good as RAMEN BAR’s offerings so as to keep me a happy camper.

Ok… before we get to our orders, lemme address the obvious question that’s just begging to be answered – “Why on Earth would this restaurant be called WRONG RAMEN?”

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