Casa Noble + Tim Yap = Party!

During my “party days” back when I was younger, the go-to drink had always been tequila. It’s fun and hip… not to mention all the fun games you can play with tequila playing a huge part of it. Hahaha!

Well, guess what, tequila lovers…?! Casa Noble, critically acclaimed and acknowledged the world over as one of the finest ultra premium tequila brands, is now in Manila!

Casa Noble is made from 100% organically grown “blue agave” and widely sought after for its unique aroma, smooth taste and distinctly satisfying velvety finish. Not only that… Casa Noble counts music legend Carlos Santana as one of its proud owners and American President Barrack Obama as one of its avid aficionados.

The face of Casa Noble

Joining Casa Noble’s ever growing roster of movers and shakers is its new brand ambassador and Manila’s very own Party King… Mr. Tim Yap. An avid tequila enthusiast, this seasoned newspaper editor, creative director, television celebrity host and premier club owner shares the same passion, discerning taste, intensity and quest for excellence as the artisanal brand he represents.

Casa Noble Philippines - Tim Yap

As Edwin Francis Ong, President of Global Noble International Corporation, the exclusive Philippine distributor enthusiastically shared, “We are proud and honored to have Tim Yap as Casa Noble’s brand ambassador. Tim really knows his tequila and fully appreciates the tradition, the heritage and passion for quality that the brand stands for. It goes without saying Tim really knows how to party and Casa Noble is his choice of tequila.”

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