Love and Acceptance

Don't discriminate.

If you’ve been monitoring the Philippine social media scene lately, you are probably already aware of the uproar Ms. Miriam Quiambao’s comments (about LGBTs) have caused just a few days ago.

A case of misinterpretation, perhaps? Or maybe a case of choosing the wrong words to use for such a sensitive topic.

In the middle of all this hullabaloo… God’s name is casually being thrown around as a means to drive each other’s point across.

I cannot begin to imagine how God feels that His name is being used to cause division and hatred towards one another.

I will not even pretend to know what God thinks about this entire “gay” controversy.

But what I do know and that I am SURE of is that “God is LOVE”.

Discrimination is NOT, in any way, a manifestation of LOVE…

Acceptance and understanding IS.

It would please God more if we just set aside our differences… to LOVE and ACCEPT one another regardless of race, stature and, yes, even sexual preference.

Peace be upon all.