VLOG: Ubay and Sandugo Festival 2017 – Bohol getaway (Part 1)

Oh, God…! I’ve been meaning to make this post as soon as I finish editing my entire vlog entry about my recent trip to Bohol to explore the beautiful town of Ubay and to attend the annual Sandugo Festival.

I didn’t anticipate that it would take longer than expected completing the vlog post since I had something like 5 days worth of footage to work on. Yikes!

So, instead of forcing the issue, I decided to just split the vlog entry into two parts. Pretty reasonable considering that this first part which covers day 1 upto half of day 2 is already about 20 minutes long (what???). Yup.

Ubay - Bohol - Sandugo Festival 2017 - Philippines AirAsia

I had so much fun making this vlog entry mainly because I also had a great time during this particular visit. Kudos to the awesome folks from Ubay Tourism for making us feel right at home immediately.

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