The AirAsia Bloggers Community 2015, Bangkok, Thailand – Proud to be part of family!

To discover and learn.

Isn’t that the reason why we travel to new destinations and explore the world around us?

Whether to learn about new places and different cultures, or to make new friends and discover new things through their own stories, traditions and personal experiences, travel is something that is truly essential for everyone. It is something we can never truly (and fully) learn through books and being holed up inside classrooms.

AirAsia Bloggers Community 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

That is why I am extremely grateful for all the travel opportunities I continue to have through my wonderful AirAsia and AirAsia Philippines family. Seeing the world has broadened my understanding, taught me so many things, and has changed my outlook in life. It has also given me the chance to share all of these with friends, family and, of course, to all of you, my dear readers.

But apart from travel, I absolutely admire this airline company because they sincerely strive hard to build a strong, lasting and, more importantly, genuine relationship with members of the AirAsia blogging community from different countries.

AirAsia Bloggers Community 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

As a testament to how much AirAsia values their online friends, they have made them feel all the more part of family by creating the AirAsia Bloggers Community a couple of years ago. The aim is to bring all members of this community together every year via an annual conference. Each year a different country is tasked to host the AirAsia Bloggers Community, which makes every conference a fresh new experience every time.

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