Watch movies and TV shows on-demand faster than you can BLINK!

Ever heard of Blink? Whether you have or have not, allow me tell you about how it has changed my viewing habits for the better…

Watching movies and television shows have always been my passion. I enjoy the feeling of immersion and the relaxation this wonderful activity gives.

I would normally collect a ton of DVDs and box sets of TV series then spend the wee hours of the morning every single day in front of my television screen for long stretches with speakers blaring and the lights turned off.

Unfortunately, working in the entertainment industry makes for some very erratic schedules. Some days (and also nights) aren’t as slow as others. There are times when I cannot catch live telecasts of certain shows because I’m on location doing tapings and shootings for my own shows.

As much as I’d like to upload a ton of movies and episodes to my iPhone so I can carry them along during work, I hate eating up significant storage space on my device.

Geez! What’s a movie/television freak gotta do to satisfy his viewing addiction? Back then, you’d just have to deal with it. Fortunately, nowadays… not anymore!

Thankfully, there is now an awesome solution to this particular problem!


Blink Logo

Blink is a “video-on-demand” service that allows you to stream movies and television shows online instantly! That means you can watch your favorite TV series and movies (old and new) whenever, wherever and however you want it! You know what makes it extra sweet? You can access Blink using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or through your handy smartphone.

I recently signed up for Blink’s service and I’ve never looked back! It’s absofrickinlutely amazing! In fact, I kinda wondered why I never signed up for it long ago in the first place.

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