How is an SMS “really” sent?

We key in our message via our touchscreens and keypads and click on “send” – that’s pretty much our overall idea on how to send out an SMS.

In this day and age, I don’t think there’s anyone in this country who doesn’t know what a text message is… heck, even the littlest kid on the block probably knows how to do this popular Pinoy pastime.

But have you ever wondered what exactly happens after you press that little “send” button on your cellphone?  You probably don’t think that your message just magically appears on the screen of your recipient’s cellphone, right?  Or do you?

Well, for anyone who has ever been even the slightest bit curious as to what really happens to a sent message from the time a sender dispatches an SMS, to the moment someone receives it… you will surely enjoy this short, informative and very entertaining video starring Bianca Gonzales – brought to us by Globe Telecom.

There you have it, folks.

So, before sending an SMS message or replying to a friend with a simple “K”, think about how much technology is utilized and the processes this particular data goes through before it actually lands on the receiver’s device.

That way, maybe you’d be inspired to send out a more enthusiastic response other than just saying… “K”.