The telco war and knowing how to CHOOSE BETTER

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I couldn’t help but recall this saying as I quietly observe the latest developments on the ongoing (and never ending) telco war.

Choose Better - Sun CellularAs of late, I just noticed that Sun Cellular has been quite forward on its attacks against Globe Telecom. They seem to have been making not-so-subtle snipes against the leading telco in the country in hopes of probably luring old and new subscribers away from Globe.

I happened to chance upon a couple of sites just like this one, who have noticed the same thing. That’s why I decided to throw in my two cents on this issue.

Sun Cellular, which everyone knows is also owned by Smart, seems to be more busy criticizing and being critical of Globe’s own promos and upcoming events rather than just focusing on improving their own offerings.

Such has been the method of attack of both sister companies, it seems.

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