Mandaue Foam!

My wife and I were recently invited to visit the “Mandaue Foam” showroom in Quezon City.

Normally, when you hear the words “foam” and “showroom” in one sentence, you’d think of warehouses with stacks of mattresses and areas piled with cushions.  I was, in fact, bracing myself for that kind of visit – not any guy’s typical definition of “exciting”.

But I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the showroom!

This was what we saw upon entering Mandaue Foam’s vast Quezon City branch… Mandaue Foam's QC Showroom

Pretty amazing, huh?

The 2nd floor of Mandaue Foam's QC showroom

It was not even close to what I had pictured in my mind.  Mandaue Foam may have indeed gotten their name because of how they obviously started years back… but now, the company isn’t just simply about foam anymore.

More products offered by Mandaue Foam!

Today, Mandaue Foam boasts a vast line of impressive quality furniture that can easily rival (and outshine) imported ones… without the outrageous price-tag.  Gorgeous and good-looking furniture at very affordable prices… what else could you ask for?

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