Nice Day Coffee – Make every day a nice day!

I live in a household that adores coffee. My father, even back when I was a kid, could hardly function without starting his day with a steaming cup of hot coffee. Every morning, my wife would get up and jumpstart the day’s activities by enjoying a satisfying cup of delicious coffee.

In my line of work (showbusiness), coffee plays a vital part in every taping day and every single shoot. And rightfully so. How can cast and crew function, especially in the wee hours of the morning without a decent “pick-me-up” drink?

Coffee is arguably one of the most important beverages of society. It breaks the ice, soothes and comforts, improves work efficiency and, yes, promotes good health.

But not all coffee drinks are made equal. Some taste better, while some offer more health benefits than others. And with a family that lives for coffee, I am quite thrilled to discover the latter.

It’s called “Nice Day Coffee”.

What makes Nice Day Coffee different, you ask? Well, it comes three (3) different variants, each offering its own health benefit… while tasting oh so good.

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