Join the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest. I did!

Hey everyone! Guess what? There’s a currently ongoing Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest… and I just joined! It’s so cool! I wanted to try out my luck, hoping the judges over at Toyota might find it interesting enough to pass their criteria. Who knows?

Basically, Toyota is asking participants to do a seatbelt pad design (either hand drawn or using computer graphics). One important requirement in making the artwork is that the Toyota THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety) mascot should be incorporated into the design.

To know more about THUMS, you can visit:

Below is how the Toyota THUMS mascot looks like:

Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest - THUMS
THUMS (Total HUman Model for Safety)

So, considering all the mandatories, I came up with a design which I believe captures the colors of THUMS yet keeping in the minimalist approach which I absolutely love.

Presenting… my entry for the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest…

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