Going Gaga Over GCash American Express Virtual Pay!

Remember a post I made a couple of months ago about Globe’s awesome new service that provides a wonderful solution to easy and secure online shopping?

GCashIt’s called the GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

It is a US ISSUED virtual American Express debit card that is seamlessly linked to your GCash account! It uses the funds you have inside your GCash account to purchase items online!

American ExpressIn a nutshell, Globe understands the difficulty Filipinos encounter when it comes to online shopping especially when accessing US-based merchants/sites. Some merchants require you to have a valid US address… a few do not even ship outside the country. Some ship abroad, but freight charges usually cost an arm and a leg (Ouch!)

Well, all that is now a thing of the past because of Globe’s GCash American Express virtual pay!

I know what you’re probably thinking right now. Don’t worry even the slightest bit because GCash American Express Virtual Pay is ABSOLUTELY SAFE! In fact, I’ve been using it for quite sometime already. It is even my enrolled credit card on my US iTunes account so I can purchase iOS apps that are exclusive only to the US market. It’s THAT cool!

Know more about GCash American Express Virtual Pay by watching the video below…

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