a-JAYS One earphones review

I’m regularly on the lookout for impressive earphones in the market. This doesn’t mean that I’m always scouring those that cost an arm and a leg.

Good (or even great sounding) earphones need not be expensive… you just have to know where to find them. Or you can just follow my blog and check out my recommendations. That’ll make things easier for you.

a-JAYS OneThat being said, I found quite a gem just recently… it’s Jays entry-level headphones – the a-JAYS One.

The a-JAYS One comes in a really cool (and quite large) plastic case. The case makes for great storage at home to keep your headphones protected but you might find it a tad difficult and bulky to carry along.

One thing you’ll immediately notice about the a-JAYS One is that instead of the customary round type cables found in other headphones, this model sports 115cms of flat black cable. I particularly love this feature since I tend to tangle my cables every so often. It’s sometimes too tedious to meticulously coil up your headphones, wouldn’t you agree? The flat cable of the a-JAYS One makes it practically tangle-free.

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