Lumia Love

Getting tons of cool feedback about the Lumia 800 – highly regarded as Nokia’s “first REAL Windows phone”.

It’s been quite sometime since a Nokia device has actually left me in awe… and though the Lumia 800’s smooth sexy slick body is something I’ve yet to behold, gutfeel tells me this gorgeous baby’s new Windows “Mango” OS is going to be all sorts of wonderful.

Finally, with Nokia sporting a good-lookin’ and more superior OS compared to their aging Symbian platform, it finally has a device that can seriously go head-to-head with iOS and Android.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is exclusively with Globe and is FREE under their Unli Surf Combo Plan 1799. Pretty awesome as well.

Hoping to get my hands on one and test drive its cool interface myself. First-hand experience and review very soon.

Can’t wait? Head over to Globe and grab one right now.

*to be continued…*