Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G – Using technology to bring family closer together

Technology is a great thing. Among other benefits, it makes our work much more efficient, it allows us to do things more conveniently, and it gives people access to information faster and easier than ever before.

But, at what cost?

You see, technology is a double edged sword. As we maximize and enjoy its seemingly limitless potential, we must also be cautious not to be burdened or hurt by it.

We constantly praise humanity’s advances in technology, not to mention the power of the internet, recognizing that because of it, the world has never been smaller and more connected.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

While that may be the truth, many of us fail to realize that the very same technology that practically surrounds us everywhere we go, has also made us slaves of it. The very thing that has given us the power to be connected has, ironically, also been the very reason why human beings have slowly grown apart. People have become frighteningly addicted and dependent on technology that we have sadly become imprisoned by our devices and forgotten the importance of personal ties and truly “being” with someone and sharing meaningful moments with them.

It’s such a tragedy to see families living under the same roof and yet never really “being together”.

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