Senti Sabado

Pac Man! Last Saturday was quite a memorable time on Twitter for a number of us Pinoy Tweeps!  T’was a time spent reminiscing and recalling everything associated with the 1980s-mid 90s.  Childhood past-times, establishments (restaurants, malls, parks, etc.), junk food, toys, clothes… name it!  #SentiSabado was the hash tag that was given to these tweets.

“Senti”, meaning sentimental, and “Sabado”, which is Saturday in tagalog (Filipino)… the day this event took place.

Kudos to Tonyo Cruz (@tonyocruz) for starting this entire Senti Sabado trend.

Simple tweets that reminded us of our childhood such as, “Choo Choo Junction Restaurant in Greenhills! #SentiSabado” or “Saturday Fun Machine cartoon marathon every Saturday morning! #SentiSabado”.  Great memories and wonderful nostalgia.

Daimos! The eighties was the era of outrageous fashion (shoulder pad blazers, anyone?) and forgettable hairstyles!  But that aside, it was (in my honest opinion) the best time to be alive and to enjoy the prime of our lives!  Voltes V, Pac-Man, birth of MTV, G1 Transformers, Nintendo Family Computer, Knight Rider, Game & Watch, New Wave, and so much more!

Coca-Cola Yoyo!Unlike kids nowadays who are trapped in their own world, playing PSPs, Game Boys, iPod Touches… our era were filled with days of patintero, tumbang preso, kick ball, trumpo, tex, jackstone, sumpit, gagamba-fighting, climbing the Aratilis tree and the occasional playing of the Family Computer.

Orange Julius Surprisingly, the entire discussion over Twitter was so well received that we were tweeting way past Saturday!  Some were even tweeting with the #SentiSabado hash tag halfway through Sunday!  It was hilarious and fun.  We even received reports of some individuals who actually cried while reading other’s tweets.  The impact was way more than expected.

Star Rangers! A whole bunch of “Gen Y” tweeps started sending in their own memories and the entire conversation somewhat took on a life of its own.  It became viral!

In that particular moment, Twitter, like a time machine, took us all back to 1980s again.

Slush Puppie It was bittersweet.  Times that I would like to revisit… people I would like to converse with again… moments that were took for granted… places and experiences that seemed to define the essence of my childlike wonder and innocence.

And though we all know that time, like a one way street, only goes forward… the journey back via Twitter during #SentiSabado was one ride I am so happy to have been part of.  It was the closest thing to being there again.

Classic Reebok And as with any journey, the trip is only made enjoyable when you spend it with friends… and THAT I did!  Tweeps old and new.  I met new ones along the way who, one way or another, had similar childhood recollections.

Thanks to every single tweep who joined in and made Senti Sabado the phenomenon that it was.

We should do this again.  For sure.

A-Team Lunch Box For those who missed the first trip… I’m sure there will be more of these in the near future.  So keep your eyes peeled and scour through Twitter’s trending topics towards the weekend… and hop along for the ride!

Oh… and make sure you bring your baon! :P