What an incredible journey my life as a blogger has been!

Who would’ve thought that a passing hobby of mine many years ago would flourish and grow, helping me develop as a person, allow me to meet wonderful individuals whom I now call friends, and open so many doors of opportunities for me.

It’s true. Blogging (or simply “writing” back then, when the word wasn’t even coined yet) started out as just a way for me to relax; a means to release. Back then, around 1996 (if I remember correctly), there were no blogging platforms yet. Social media wasn’t even a thing. I wrote my thoughts on a free site provider called Geocities. Older folks would probably know this… Hahaha! I even had to design and publish my own website on this platform through HTML and a little help from Microsoft Frontpage.

Writing is actually very therapeutic for me. It has always been one of my go-to outlets to vent, express myself, and sometimes just a way to talk to myself. I also blog some of the more noteworthy events that may have happened in a day… like a diary of sorts, if you will.

Eventually, I started writing on Friendster and Multiply. It was a fantastic way to reach more people and allow them to react to my thoughts. A couple of years after that, WordPress came along. WordPress was the platform I totally fell in love with and inspired me to write so much more. This time I expanded my writing topics to lifestyle, food, and travel. Of course, the regular fun and amusing experiences with family has continued to become a staple which my readers love reading and relating to.

More people started taking notice… and I even met a good handful of incredible writers and bloggers as well, which I am proud to call friends even up to this day. Eventually, even brands and startups wanted to partner up for features and collaborations, which I was happily surprised with. This was the moment I realized that my love for writing could actually be a terrific way to augment my income and earn a little more on the side. I mean, who doesn’t want to earn a little income doing something that they are passionate about, right?

Around this time, Twitter was on the rise… and Facebook wasn’t too far away from becoming the social media giant it now is. Knowing how fast trends and fads change, I embraced social media during its infant stages and incorporated this emerging platform to complement my longform content. Thankfully, because of this, I have grown alongside the explosion of this incredible platform. It has helped me reach a vast audience much faster than I would have if I just stuck to blogging alone.

Today, because of blogging and my passion for writing, not to mention being constantly connected to my avid readers, followers, and supporters on social media who continue to trust my recommendations, I have had many opportunities to travel to various places domestic and abroad, to discover new food spots and establishments, and review a vast selection of products ranging from tech, health, home, fashion, and lifestyle items.

Never could I have foreseen those many years ago where I would be now because of blogging. And while I still consider this a happy surprise in life, I would never ever take whatever success I enjoy now for granted.

Today, I still enjoy blogging about the things I love, the various places and adventures I continue to discover, as well as feature the many incredible products and finds that I trust my readers and followers will enjoy knowing about.

Hangin’ with some of my friends whom I have met through blogging and social media

For anyone who has ever been on the fence, not knowing if blogging is for them, I would like to encourage you to give it a try. But here’s a gentle piece of advice… blog not because you think it’ll bring you money or opportunities. Write with no expectations in return. Just write. Pour out your heart. Blog about the things that make you happy (or sad). Blog about things that interest you. Continue writing with the same fervor and enthusiasm regardless of if you have 1, 1,000, or 10,000 readers/followers.

When what you do comes from a place of love and passion, your readers will know about it. And feel it. Eventually, the rest will follow. Find fulfillment in writing itself. Everything else that comes after is a bonus.

Happy blogging!

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