Protect yourself from “Vishing” now!

Have you ever received a call on your mobile phone from a person or a number you don’t recognize, only to eventually find out that it’s some form of spam call? Well, as irritating as these kinds of calls could be, it may seem harmless — until it isn’t!

There is a modus going around that, if you aren’t aware of and prepared for, could cost you your most valued privacy, peace of mind, and most of all… your hard earned money.

This malicious act is called, “Vishing.”


Don’t be a victim of Vishing

Vishing (short for “Voice Phishing”) is a type of cybercrime that happens when someone attempts to call and fool you into giving out your private and personal information. To the unwitting individual, these calls may seem legit and very convincing. Once the cybercriminal has conned you into providing all the necessary data that he/she needs, this person can now use all those information to take advantage of you. This includes stealing your money and your identity. To make things worse, these unfortunate incidents can leave you in debt, put you in prison, or at the very least, pile you with a ton of legal issues.


If you still haven’t encountered a vishing attempt, good for you. But remember that it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to use this scam on you. If you’ve fallen prey to this sort of cybercrime already, I don’t even have to tell you how terrible it feels to be victimized.

Of course, there are effective ways to protect one’s self against vishing attempts. One way is to always remind yourself to never give out sensitive and personal information to anyone over the phone. That’s pretty much common sense, right?

But I also highly recommend an extra layer of protection and security through the use of a dependable and reliable Caller ID app that can immediately flag, monitor, and block calls for you.

One such app that you might want to consider is CallApp.

What is CallApp?

CallApp is actually the leading Caller ID app accross the globe and top-rated Call Recorder app by tech magazines. It’s the perfect sidekick to have with you at all times because CallApp is a Caller ID, Free Call Recording, and Robocall Blocker mobile app trusted by 100 Million users to block robocalls and to know the true Caller ID. With this app, identifying calls and SMS using the app’s robocall & spam blocker becomes incredbily easy and effortless.


With CallApp, you need not worry about vishing attempts anymore. Suspicious and shady callers as well as spam numbers can easily be blacklisted right in the app. You can block numbers and contacts from your phonebook or dialer. This way, you can stop specific persons and robocalls from ever calling you again.

Privacy and peace of mind, restored. Your hard-earned savings and personal information, secured. Yay!

For that sole purpose alone, getting CallApp is well worth it already. But, like I said, it does more than that. Let’s break down all its other neat features and capabilities…

Block Caller ID


CallApp’s Block Caller ID feature allows you to know who’s calling you using free unknown caller ID, robocall blocker and spam messages.

Who Called Me?

This is a really neat feature. CallApp can do reverse phone lookup, identify unknown calls and unknown numbers. It is a true call blocker that can block spam calls and know the true caller behind the number. Cool, right?

Automatic Call Recorder

Another very important CallApp capability! With this app, recording calls is easy! You can record incoming and outgoing phone calls. Whether you’re taking notes during a call or if you want hard proof against cybercriminals vishing you, CallApp is your go-to weapon. Record any type of phone call with the best automatic call recorder for Android.

Video Ringtones

With CallApp, you can customize your incoming caller screen with videos. Yup! That’s right. You can display videos as your ringtone.

Dialer & Contacts App

Effortlessly manage your incoming and outgoing calls using CallApp’s free caller ID, spam cell blocker, true call recordings and dialer app.


All the information of a caller is all within reach. You can see the caller’s ID, name, photo, number lookup, number locator, birthday, social media, email address and more.

Incognito calls

Enjoy ultimate call privacy with CallApp. Whether it’s for business or personal use, incognito calls will come in very handy. Privacy for all your calls!


WhatsApp Caller ID: Identify calls from IM Social Media Apps and SMS.

These are just some of the many impressive CallApp features that I love so much.

Bottomline… even if you don’t need all the extra capabilities that CallApp has to offer, having the means to fend off and protect yourself from vishing attempts makes this mobile app truly invaluable.

Don’t risk leaving yourself vulnerable, thinking that you won’t ever be tricked by cybercriminals. Because as time goes on, their tactics and methods slowly become more and more creative.

CallApp is free and available for Android devices only.

To download CallApp, click here.

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