5 Tech Trends that are Transforming the Lives of the Filipinos

The Philippines is home to over 109 million people as estimated in 2020. This Southeast Asian country consists of over seven thousand and six hundred islands with the three biggest being Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon. When it comes to technology in the country, the Philippines is on the fifty-fifth spot on the Technological Readiness Ranking sharing this place with Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Jordan, and Colombia.

While the Philippines is not one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world it is not the least advanced either. Following the footsteps of other countries, the Philippines has already embraced several crucial tech trends that are transforming the lives of its residents including:

  • Data Science Business Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Technology
  • Blockchain Gaming
  • Rise of Online Gambling

Data Science Business Solutions

In 2021, over thirty percent of Filipino businesses, companies, and organizations are working digitally across many different fields. One of the biggest trends that have transformed the lives of Filipinos is most certainly data science and this does not come as a surprise considering all major companies across the world rely on the power of data.

Data science as it is and the ability to harness it is what makes the biggest difference between a company that stays operational in the long run and a company that just entered a survival mode. Data science has transformed the lives of Filipinos massively.

It has produced more amazing job opportunities by helping companies and organizations with solving business-related issues, improving their products and services, managing their performances, and finally better understanding their loyal customers or boosting their customer assurance policies.

Internet of Things

Filipinos just like residents of many other technologically advanced countries benefit from the Internet of Things and everything that it brings. The world we live in is a world of interconnected devices that communicate with each other constantly to exchange loads and loads of data in real-time.

Today, the Internet of Things or commonly known as IoT is basically everywhere and Filipino companies and businesses harness its power to leverage bigger business opportunities and boost their productivity and efficiency through operators such as Globe GoSurf.

Affecting every single industry in the Philippines, the IoT is here to stay.

Cloud Technology

Another major tech trend that has positively impacted the lives of Filipinos is cloud technology. Filipino companies that have already embraced the power of cloud technology have become much more efficient.

In recent times, over thirty percent of Filipino companies replaced their IT budgets for very prosperous cloud computing. This naturally has created more job opportunities for the Filipinos. Embracing the power of cloud technology has also helped companies and businesses with serving a bigger portion of the country’s population and boosted the accessibility of their services.

Cloud technology also made it possible to create quite cost-effective solutions and business models.

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming has taken the world by storm and one of the countries to follow this trend is the Philippines. As suggested, blockchain gaming relies on the same technologically advanced models that form the core of digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Blockchain gaming is an amazing innovation that has finally enabled player-driven economies thanks to which gamers can own their assets and funds in-game without worrying about them being stuck or lost somewhere in their games.

Speaking of blockchain gaming in the Philippines, Axie Infinity is by far the most popular gaming platform of this kind that is partially operated and owned by its gamers. Axie Infinity users earn their own AXS tokens just by playing. In addition, they have full control over every single in-game element and most importantly, free access.

Rise of Online Gambling

In addition to blockchain gaming, cloud technology, the Internet of Things, and data science-driven companies and businesses, the country has seen a tremendous rise in the online gambling industry.

The Filipino online gambling industry has positively impacted the lives of Filipinos in numerous ways. Besides standard online casino games such as video slots and classic table games, online sabong or cockfighting is extremely popular in the country.

In the country, online sabong is a perfectly legal operation and the demand is massive. Essentially, the online gambling industry in the country is creating more jobs due to such high demand. The betting sites from this source are commonly visited by Filipinos who want to place real money bets on their favorite sports and benefit from quite competitive betting odds.


While people in the rest of the world may not quite know it, the Philippines are quite advanced in terms of technology and access to computers, internet and mobile devices. We have presented the top five technologies that make the Philippines one of the leaders across the Asian continent in this particularsegment. 

Of course, these are not the only popular technologies in the country, but the fact that local companies are launching cryptos such as the AXS token clearly shows that Filipino people mean business when it comes to tech. It remains to be seen just how far this populous South Asian country can come in the next decade and how it can compare to international giants like Japan or USA.

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