Breakthrough! My new fave financial game app from BPI!

These past few weeks during the lockdown, I’ve been happily spending a good amount of time learning and enjoying a new game app on my phone called “Breakthrough.”

The full name of this new game app is, “Breakthrough: The Financial Choices We Make.” And ever since I discovered it, the game has been happily keeping me entertained, and at the same time educating more about personal finance and investments. Aliw diba?!

What is Breakthrough?

You see, “Breakthrough” is a first-of-its-kind board game recently launched by BPI Foundation — the social responsibility arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands. The game is played through an app that allows players to test their skills in personal finance and show how financial choices affect their daily lives.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

If anything, the pandemic has shown all of us the importance of savings, as well as proper budgeting; not to mention investments as well. The Breakthrough game app from BPI Foundation greatly helps us not just on those aspects, but also allows us to learn — in a very fun way — how to sharpen one’s financial awareness and judgement by introducing basic to complex financial concepts including retirement planning, debt management, and investment.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

I learned that the development of the Breakthrough game app is also BPI Foundation’s response to the World Bank’s study recommending the use of edutainment as a form of teaching financial concepts to the public. That means learning about complex money matters need not be intimidating and boring anymore! Yay!

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

How the Breakthrough game app is played

Playing the Breakthrough game is fairly simple and straightforward. If you’ve ever played Monopoly and Game of Life, the flow is pretty much the same thing.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

Going against AI opponents, players roll the dice to travel around the digital board. During the course of the game, players will encounter common life events at every turn, and make “adulting” decisions that could affect their score. Should they save? Go on a vacation? Invest in stocks? Get insurance? Throughout the game, players will either amass or lose wealth depending on the path they decide to take.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

The player has to make smart and practical decisions to gain the most assets, investments, and FinEd coins, and whoever ends with the highest net worth wins the game.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

Aside from the actual board game, the app also includes a Financial Wellness Journal, quizzes, and tips for a more immersive learning experience. Likewise, the app will be used in future runs of financial education webinars and activities of the Foundation.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app

A must have app in every phone!

I really love it! And I’m sure you will, too! I encouraged my kids to download ns install the game as well, so that they can start becoming more financially knowledgeable while they’re young. Kinda makes me wish I had this kind of game back when I was still a kid, too. But, hey! It’s never too late to start learning more about money matters and planning a more stable future — while having fun and being entertained at the same time!

Tara! Download the free game app and make fun time more productive.

BPI Foundation Breakthrough app store

Breakthrough is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Happy gaming!

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