Discover my secret weapon in boosting my immune system and improving my overall health!

As an active individual, both at work and in play, my overall well-being and health has always been one of my highest priorities. That’s why, pandemic or not, I constantly try to find ways to keep not just myself, but my family, healthy as well.

Being a TV & movie actor, vlogger, and a public figure, both online and on-cam, work comes at different times of the day. I’m either on location, working on the set, or at home creating online content until the wee hours of the morning. Frequently staying up late, as we all know, takes a huge toll on one’s immune system; and that’s something I can never ever take for granted — especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Putting my health at risk means putting my family in harm’s way as well.

I have a few simple tips that, in my opinion, are very effective in keeping one’s health in check. I’d like to share them with you in case you aren’t aware or familiar with some of them.

Of course, there are those usual and very common rules you and I probably go by such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, having a bottle of alcohol handy, and trying to get as much sleep as possible; “trying,” being the operative word… Hahaha! But, apart from all these things, I also have a secret weapon that I’d like to share with all of you, which, after telling everyone, isn’t going to be a secret anymore. Hehehe! Heck! It might not even be a secret to some of you if you’re familiar with it. But for the benefit of those who are unaware, allow me to introduce you to my go-to partner when it comes to boosting my immune system and remedying many common ailments.

My secret…

Tolak Angin

Getting a sachet of Tolak Angin

Yup. Tolak Angin is actually Indonesia’s leading liquid herbal supplement. It comes in a handy little sachet that contains 12 signature ingredients, namely:

  • Honey
  • Mint
  • Cloves
  • Gotu Kola
  • Asian Rice
  • Ginger
  • Indian Screw Tree
  • Nutmeg
  • Tree Bean
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon

Why do I love Tolak Angin? Well, apart from strengthening my body’s defenses, it has helped me alleviate symptoms associated with feeling unwell, not to mention common illnesses such as nausea, flatulence, headache, motion sickness, and fatigue. It has also been beneficial to my digestive health.

Drinking Tolak Angin

For someone like me who has had to deal with unpredictable bouts of vertigo since childhood, as well as being prone to motion sickness more times than I’d want, Tolak Angin is an incredibly valuable sidekick.

Just last week, I brought along a couple of Tolak Angin sachets to my shoot in Antipolo because I knew that riding in the back of a van while traveling along many winding roads to our destination would probably make me dizzy. Sure enough, it did. All it took to relieve me from motion sickness was one sachet and a few minutes of rest on my handy foldable chair. Before I knew it, I was ready to work! Truly indispensable, if you ask me.

Keeping sachets of Tolak Angin in my bag

Because of everything my family loves about it and all the health benefits it has brought us, Tolak Angin has become a staple in our medicine cabinet for quite some time already. It has helped us lead a more active lifestyle. Those who know this product probably aren’t surprised about my love for it because they most likely feel the same way. It’s something you might want to try out as well. In fact, having firsthand experience with this, I highly recommend it.

By the way, while you’re at it, Tolak Angin also has another handy product that my wife and I bring along and use whenever needed. It’s called…

Tolak Angin Care

Tolak Angin Care is an essential oil roll-on which helps soothe and relax the body through aromatherapy. It uses natural wonder herbs like Ginger Oil, Menthol, and Peppermint which gives a long-lasting aroma and sensation which helps soothe colds, nausea, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and mosquito bites among other things.

Opening Tolak Angin Care

I love using Tolak Angin Care especially during tapings and movie filmings. More often than not, during these whole day activities, I try to sneak in some sleep time inside the actors’ tent when I’m not needed in a particular scene. But as some of you probably know, abrupt sleep or the “tulog-gising, tulog-gising” type of rest sometimes brings more problems since it usually causes dizziness and headaches. And trying to act while dealing with nausea or a throbbing head is very difficult.

Opening Tolak Angin Care

Usually, my stash of Tolak Angin Care is kept in my personal sling bag so I can use it anytime I need to. But there are many times that I carry it with me during actual scenes because it’s small enough to keep inside my pocket. It’s great to use in-between takes. It offers instant relief for the usual manifestations of stress, lack of sleep, exhaustion, and so much more. Many of my friends and co-actors actually love the smell whenever I apply a few rolls on the temples of my head or on my hands and wrist so I can inhale the aroma.

Tolak Angin Care in my pocket

It goes without saying that Tolak Angin Care is perfect for people like me who are always on-the-go and in need of instant relief anywhere I go. For titas and titos (Just like me… ouch! Hahaha!), this is truly a must-have! It’s like your own personal instant spa relief in a pocket!

Anyways, I think I’ve talked (or typed) enough. The best way to discover just how good or beneficial a product is, is to try it yourselves. In fact, that’s how we first fell in love with Tolak Angin.

Boxes of Tolak Angin
Tolak Angin Care Products

Remember, health is wealth. Not just yours, but your entire family’s as well. Without it, everything else we do is meaningless. And if there is any better time to reflect and look after your health and well-being, as well as that of your loved ones, it would be now — during this pandemic.

I hope that by sharing with you how Tolak Angin has helped me and my family, it may also prove to be invaluable to many of you as well. Let’s do everything we can so we can all see this through and come out on the other side of this extraordinary health crisis alive and well.

Stay safe, everyone!

To know more about Tolak Angin, you can visit their official Facebook Page by clicking here.

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