Love your children with a love to last (beyond) a lifetime.

I guess it’s safe to say that everything we do in this life is done with our future and the future of our loved ones in mind. More so, if you’re already a parent — just like I am.

We tirelessly strive and struggle, hoping to secure a good future especially for our families; being able to provide for them even in the eventually that, God forbid, we may not be there to see it. Such is the unpredictability of life. We may not know what to expect, but we can most certainly find ways to prepare for whatever may come our way.

The Dreys - Dreyfus Family - Baguio - AIA Philam Life All-In-One 5/10 Year Pay

“Hope for the best; prepare for the worst,” as they say.

And while this saying has always been something I try to remember and live by, these words have never been truer and clearer to me than it has been the past few months during this pandemic. Why? Because, I have so many close family members and good friends who have been gravely affected and financially burdened by COVID-19, leaving them not only grieving, but terribly deep in debt as well.

It’s difficult enough dealing with the loss of a loved one, let alone having to navigate a future with no financial security or stability. That’s why, if you truly love your family just as I do mine (and I’m sure you do.), securing a financially stable future for your family should be one of our highest priorities. It’s one of the best ways to let our children know that we truly care for them, and assure them of our love now and in the future.

One great way of securing our family’s future is by considering getting a financial plan. I know that preparing for the unexpected may not be easy. Some may even feel uncomfortable thinking about these things. But, it’s the responsible thing to do. Just know that these preparations will be well worth it because the most important people in our lives — our family — will forever feel our love and care — even when we are no longer with them.

I’ve been checking out the AIA Philam Life AIA All-In-One plan because it seems like this offering is exactly what my wife and I are looking for; particularly the AIA All-In-One 5/10 Year Pay. If you’re planning to get one yourself but unsure where to start, this may just be what you’re in need of. It’s a great legacy plan to get for the family.

The AIA Philam Life All-In-One 5/10 Year Pay

AIA Philam Life All-In-One 5/10 Year Pay

Going through some of the the plan’s interesting details and advantages, I’d like to share with you a few reasons why the AIA Philam Life All-In-One 5/10 Year Pay can serve as your lasting legacy and is truly worth considering:

  • Life insurance benefit for your loved ones of up to 5x the amount you paid.
  • 2x if death is due to an accident
  • Pay for either 5 or 10 years.

It also serves as a great safety net against life’s major risks:

  • Cash benefits in case of accident, disability, or critical illness (cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.)
  • Last year of premium payments is free.

As cheesy as some may think when they hear a person wanting his/her “love to live on,” it truly is the kind of foresight one needs to have. And that kind of thinking of should prod us to start planning for our family’s future as early as now.

AIA Philam Life All-In-One 5/10 Year Pay - The Dreys

I hope that in my own tiny way, I have somehow helped put more perspective in our fleeting lives. Anyways, for now… I wish you all good health, peace of mind, and the kind of love that lasts and endures beyond this life.

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