Homemade Shake Shack meals with the DIY ShackBurger Kit

Wow. Over 3 months of being holed up inside the house due to our ongoing Community Quarantine (aka lockdown) can really affect one’s sanity. And even with the recent shift of Metro Manila to a less strict lockdown (aka General Community Quarantine or GCQ), my family and I are still not comfortable leaving the house unless truly necessary or urgent.

So, in order to stay sane, I have maintained regular home workout schedules with the help of my online fitness trainer, binged lots of movies and TV series via my online streaming platforms (all thanks to a very fast and reliable broadband connection), and enjoyed the many dishes my wife has been tirelessly whipping up in the kitchen day in and day out.

But there are times when we really miss some of our fave restos and the dishes they serve. One particular place we have been longing to go back to is Shake Shack. I believe it was more than 3 times that I mentioned to my wife about missing their burgers and shakes.

Imagine my happiness when I first found out that I can now satisfy my cravings and enjoy homemade Shake Shack meals without ever having to leave the house. Yasssss! It’s true! *happy dance!*

Shake Shack calls it…

The DIY ShackBurger Kit

All the ingredients you need to make 8 great tasting Shake Shack burgers right at home!

I was so excited that I had to order a kit right away (Details on price and how to order in a bit).

In no time, we had our hands on the DIY ShackBurger Kit! Yay!

DIY ShackBurger Kit

Check out the contents…

DIY ShackBurger Kit

The DIY ShackBurger Kit includes 8 servings of patties made with Shake Shack’s custom blend of 100% Angus beef with no added hormones or antibiotics, Martin’s Potato Rolls, American cheese, plump and juicy tomatoes, pickles, salt and pepper mix, and their secret Shack Sauce. It also comes with step-by-step cooking instructions.

DIY ShackBurger Kit

All you need to do is cook, assemble, and enjoy!

My wife quickly whisked the items to the kitchen to cook the patties and prepare the potato buns. Sooooo excited!

Let’s get to it!

DIY ShackBurger Kit
Look at those juicy Angus beef patties!
DIY ShackBurger Kit
Yen placed the cheese slices on the potato buns as she was toasting them on the grill.

Now that misis has finished cooking the beef patties and toasting the potato buns, it’s time for me to add the finishing touches. Oh, yeah!

DIY ShackBurger Kit
Look at those big fresh tomato slices.
DIY ShackBurger Kit
The secret Shack Sauce! Yeah!
DIY ShackBurger Kit
Pickles for extra tang and texture.
DIY ShackBurger Kit
All done! Time to put them all together.

Well, all that’s left to do is enjoy my homemade ShackBurger!

DIY ShackBurger Kit
Sooooooo good! I actually had two burgers in one sitting. Hahaha!

Price + How to order

Each Shake Shack DIY ShackBurger Kit is reasonably priced at ₱1,600 only. Not bad for 8 incredible burgers that taste just as good as having them inside their establishment.

Order via Grab or foodpanda or Shake Shack order form

You can order your Shake Shack DIY ShackBurger Kits via Grab or foodpanda as long as you’re location is within the store’s delivery radius.

If you’re area isn’t close enough to Shake Shack to be covered by Grab or foodpanda, you can still order via Shake Shack’s Advanced Order Form by clicking here. After ordering, you can have it paid and picked up through the Grab Pabili service. Another option is to pay for your order via online bank deposit and have it picked up via Grab’s delivery service.

DIY ShackBurger Kit

It’s worth noting that when you order a DIY ShackBurger Kit, you are also helping Shake Shack feed our frontliners who have been helping us fight out COVID-19. Nice!

So, order a DIY ShackBurger Kit for the fam and get your Shake Shack fix right now.

Sobrang worth it. Promise! burp! (Excuse me. Hehehe.)

Check out @shakeshackph on Instagram and Facebook for updates and details.

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