Has quarantine affected your overall health? A gut check.

Self-quarantine has affected many of us in so many different ways. Some have had difficulty avoiding feelings of isolation and anxiety, while some are finding it hard taking care of one’s physical health.

Being aware of these things have encouraged me to take extra steps in order to care for my mental and physical well-being.

I’ve made it a point to exercise every other day, not only to keep myself fit, but also to activate the release of endorphins — chemicals that trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Home workout during quarantine (ECQ and GCQ)
Staying fit during quarantine via daily home workouts

Listen to your gut :)

Just as important during this quarantine is the care and attention I give to my digestive healthcare. Why? Because in case you didn’t know, the digestive system greatly affects one’s overall health. And when it comes to my digestive system, one of my top priorities is the liver. It is the second largest organ in our body. And it is where important vitamins, energy, and minerals — including protein — are stored and made. The liver also filters out harmful toxins from our body.

I don’t want to end up one day regretting not caring enough for my liver, knowing that many severe liver diseases can actually be prevented by being proactive about it.

Thank God, I never really enjoyed alcoholic drinks since I was a kid. That’s a plus. But apart from alcohol, there are also other ways a person can abuse one’s liver. A bad diet, for example; leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle is another one.

But don’t worry. There are treatments that exist to support a healthy liver. And one of those is my secret weapon.

It’s called Essentiale Forte P.

Essentiale Forte P (Phospholipids)
Essentiale Forte P (Phospholipids)

Essentiale Forte P (Phospholipids) contains purified EPL (Essential Phospholipids), which is extracted from natural food with precise technology from Germany. It can be easily absorbed by liver cells. Essentiale, an over the counter treatment, is clinically proven to strengthen liver health by promoting the repairing function and regeneration of liver cells.

This is something I highly recommend, especially now more than ever.

Remember the saying… “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So, start making your liver happy and healthy through proper medication, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and of course having an annual physical examination.

Dulcolax, Buscopan, and Erceflora Probibears from Sanofi Philippines
Dulcolax, Buscopan, and Erceflora Probibears from Sanofi Philippines

Oh, by the way… since we’re in the topic of health, aside from Essentiale Forte P, Sanofi Philippines also offers a wide range of digestive healthcare solutions to help you with your digestive problems such as Dulcolax (Bisacodyl) for dependable constipation relief, Buscopan (Hyoscine N-Butylbromide) for stomach aches and abdominal cramps, and Erceflora Probibears for your child’s overall digestion. All of these are readily available at your nearest drugstore.

The Dreys - family - home

Well… be safe, everyone. ECQ or GCQ, it seems that we’ll all remain in quarantine for quite a bit longer, so let’s make sure that we do everything to keep ourselves positive, productive, and healthy.

As the whole world celebrates World Digestive Health Day (#WDHD2020) on May 29, Sanofi invites you to help spread awareness on proper digestive healthcare. Be part of the movement and share your stories on social media by using the hashtag #LetsTalkAboutGutFeelings. Know more about the state of your gut health and find out how you can better take care of your digestive health.

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