Enable your new BPI Mobile Key for easier, secure online banking transactions

Guys, I have a question which probably seems all too familiar to some of you…

Have you ever had to transfer money or pay bills while traveling abroad or some far off province but could not do so because there is little to no mobile network?

We’ve all probably been there before, right? It sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, thankfully, with the newest security feature of BPI’s online and mobile banking platforms called the “Mobile Key,” you no longer have to worry!

This is exactly the scoop I was hinting on when I posted about it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. See post below…

Finally, it’s here for everyone to experience and take advantage of.

BPI’s Mobile Key authentication tool is a first in local banking. It is a secure and personalized alternative to the One-Time PIN (OTP), which is sent to your mobile phone number.

This ensures that even when you find yourself in places that have no mobile network and no means to receive the usual OTP via text message (SMS), you can still authenticate transactions easily and securely using BPI’s new alternative option.

The BPI Mobile Key is all you need!

Here are a few reasons why I believe you should activate BPI’s Mobile Key now:

It’s fast and very convenient.

With BPI’s Mobile Key, you can easily confirm transactions with just a simple 6-digit nominated PIN, or through fingerprint ID/facial recognition (if your phone has this capability). This means that you only have to remember and secure this PIN for all your transactions or choose to authenticate via fingerprint ID or facial recognition registered in your device.

You can authenticate transactions even without a mobile network.

Yup! No OTP, no problem. With your BPI Mobile Key, you can easily continue with your online transactions no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself in a place outside of your telco provider’s coverage area (such as abroad). All you need is a stable and safe internet connection.

All your transactions are guaranteed secure.

The BPI mobile key offers you peace of mind, knowing that you always have a convenient way to ensure that all your transactions are securely authorized.

Enable your BPI Mobile Key now!

Here’s how to enable and enjoy the Mobile Key functionality on your BPI Mobile app:

On your BPI Mobile App, go to ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE.

BPI Mobile Key


BPI Mobile Key

Toggle the MOBILE KEY button. Nominate a 6-digit PIN code and confirm this action by entering the OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Once activated, you will be asked whether you want to activate Touch ID, Fingerprint ID, Face ID, or any similar biometric scanning method that your phone is capable of as an alternative to your 6-digit PIN.

BPI Mobile Key

That’s it! You now have the option to use your newly enabled BPI Mobile Key, or continue to receive OTPs to authenticate your online transactions. Easy peasy, right!

So, what are you waiting for? I already enabled the BPI Mobile Key feature on my BPI Mobile App. You should, too!

Happy (secure) online banking, everyone!

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