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Throughout all my travels, one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to is Singapore. I’ve been to Singapore a couple of times already, and every single time I visited this incredible country I’ve fallen in love with the place more and more. Among the many beautiful things that have constantly drawn me to this amazing country are its variety of great food, clean surroundings, progressiveness, beautiful (and disciplined) people, as well as so many wonderful opportunities for individuals looking for a bright future.

These are probably some of the many reasons why the prospect of applying for permanent residency has crossed my mind, as well as my wife’s. Personally, it’s perfect logistically for our family because Singapore is very close to the Philippines. Shuttling back and forth, whether for work or personal reasons, makes it easier for us. Apart from that, we also have a few friends and family members who now call SG their home. But regardless if you’re currently residing in a country near this country or not, I’m sure many of you have your own reasons why applying for permanent residency in Singapore is something worth seriously considering.

And so, during one of my many random evenings at home, I turned on my laptop and went on the internet with the sole purpose of exploring the possibility and viability of PR. And while Googling around, I happily stumbled onto a website of a company that, based on my extensive research, offers all the services and assistance one would need for such a residency.

I’d like to share with you this particular discovery and everything I’ve learned just in case the thought of applying for PR ever crossed your mind as well. It’s well worth looking into should you decide to go for it eventually.

Paul Immigrations Reviews – All The PR Services and Assistance You Will Ever Need

Going through the list of services being offered on the website, I learned that this company provides every possible help and professional assistance to foreigners seeking a smooth and problem-free PR process. This is very important since gaining a competitive edge when it comes to immigration applications is crucial.

Usually, with so many requirements that need to be prepared for something like this, one can get too overwhelmed. What happens is that you end up stressing out and forgetting many aspects like ensuring all your necessary documents are complete, preparing additional documents that will help speed up your approval, and other things that may ultimately make things worse. Well, this company helps in all those things and more. In fact, they even offer key insights, help you craft personalised cover letters, and lead you throughout the entire administrative process. Bottomline, you escape the unnecessary hassle. Not only that, you also avoid wasting a whole lot of your valuable time.

And since we know that applying for PR is not an easy thing, it’s critical that applicants get competent, sound advice from professionals who are knowledgeable and well-versed when it comes to policy; people who know how to approach handling issues strategically.

Paul Immigrations Reviews – A Brief Overview of the Singapore PR Application Process

I was happy to learn that the entire application process is actually easy peasy! And if you’re a tad intimidated by it, don’t be. Admittedly, at first, I thought that going through it was going to be tedious and might end up discouraging me or anyone else planning on applying. That’s why I wanted to learn more about it online. I was glad I did because it helped me understand the steps and stages that need to be taken in order to successfully obtain a PR.

So, to help ease your mind and give you a clearer idea of how the entire process goes, allow me to explain it to you in a way that makes it easier to appreciate.

Step 1 is an interview via phone call.

The first set of meet-ups are conducted by a team specialist. This is done in order to determine your eligibility to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore. Some of the information the representative will ask from you are the type of work pass you’re holding such as S Pass, Employment Pass, or Personalised Employment Pass; if you have any pending administration with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA); and family ties with any Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. Of course, you will have to undergo a profile assessment which involves factors such as your age, salary, duration of stay in SG, and the number of times you’ve paid for income tax.

Step 2 is a one to one appointment.

Now that you’re done with the first step, the next phase is an in-person appointment that will help the representative confirm that, based on the previous interview you had, you are indeed holding on to the right work pass. Apart from that, your profile (with the data collected via the phone assessment) will also be reviewed. This will also determine the possibility of your PR application being successful. Other factors which may affect your PR approval will also be discussed such as education qualifications, the sectors you work in, and admirable merits. Other possible factors that may play a part are the ICA’s annual quota of approved PR applications, as well as the political climate in the country during the time of your application.

You will then decide if you would like to avail of the services/assistance that they can provide in order to increase the possibility of an approval.

Step 3 is submission of documents.

You will be asked to provide documents either by scheduling a meeting with the Immigrations Specialist or at a time of your own convenience, or scanning your documents and emailing them instead. Documents that you will be required to send over are your audited form submission (Form 4A), correct compulsory documents (as required by ICA), essential additional documents (certain documents that may show your participation in things like community involvement and charity work, to name a few).

Once documents have been compiled, you shall be advised if your submissions have satisfied ICA’s requirements.

Step 4 is when the bulk of the paperwork gets completed with the help of the firm.

Cool! Your work is pretty much done and all you need to do is play the waiting game while the Immigrations Specialist completes your PR application form with the details provided through your documents. The firm’s writer will craft a detailed cover letter that only highlights the applicant’s best qualities based on the information collated through your application form and questionnaire. This cover letter would aid to emphasize your commitment to the nation’s society.

Step 5 is when your PR Application is submitted.

You’re in the homestretch! Once the paperwork is completed, your application will finally be submitted online.

It is worth noting that steps 2 to 5 takes around one to two months on average.

Step 6 is when you finally learn the outcome of your application.

Patience is a virtue. The reason why I’m saying this is because based on what I’ve learned, ICA takes about four to six months to assess each PR application. So, all you can do is wait and hope for the best. Now, whether the outcome is favorable or not, you will be guided on your next best move.

Paul Immigrations Reviews – Your best bet when applying for Singapore PR

There you have it. I’m pretty sure many of you who are wondering how to apply Singapore PR will find all this information useful. It will also hopefully eliminate whatever apprehensions you may have when you first entertained the possibility of permanent residency.

There’s no better time to try out your luck than now. With all the services and assistance that are within your reach, the chances of success have never been higher.

And because the entire process has been made easier, faster, and stress-free, I expect that the journey in obtaining a PR will truly be an exciting experience for everyone.

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