Knirps keeps me simple and stylish even in the rain!

Nowadays, rain happens any time of the year. One minute it’s bright and sunny, then suddenly dark and gloomy the next. That’s why I always bring a handy and very dependable umbrella with me everywhere I go — the kind that’s simple and stylish, yet can withstand heavy storms and typhoons with very strong winds. That’s why I only carry a Knirps umbrella.

knirps umbrella

The umbrella model I am currently using (the one seen in the photos) is the “Knirps A Series Automatic“.

knirps umbrella

Knirps means quality

Here are some of the reasons why I love (and only trust) Knirps:

  • Their umbrellas are extra special because they use thicker and stronger high-quality materials, which consist of up to 310 parts.
  • They use 8 ribs on their umbrellas instead of the usual 6-7 ribs made by other brands.
  • All umbrellas are wind tunnel tested (No joke! Ang galing, diba?!).
  • Umbrellas made by Knirps have a minimum 70% UVA & UVB protection.
  • Knirps has been in the business of making top-quality umbrellas since 1928 (that’s over 90 years already!).
knirps umbrella

I even sometimes use my wife’s waterproof “Knirps X Bag Shopper” which has its own unique outer umbrella pocket. The pocket has a special lining that absorbs water. Super cool!)

knirps x bag shopper

Just like me, you can get your own Knirps umbrella and bag at any Urban Traveller & Co. branch. Check out their various models and pick one that best fits your lifestyle. You won’t regret it.

knirps umbrella

Urban Traveller & Co. has branches located at Greenbelt 5, Vertis North, One Bonifacio High Street, and Shangri-La Plaza (the actual name of their store inside Shangri-La Plaza is Alter Ego).

You can also check out their Facebook Page by clicking here and visiting their official Instagram account here: @urbantravellerco

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