I can now enjoy Globe GoWiFi at The Araneta Center!

Good news, guys! Cubao peeps, rejoice! Globe’s GoWiFi service is finally at The Araneta Center! Imagine that! It’s been a looooong time coming but the wait of many Araneta Center patrons have finally ended!

Chuckie Dreyfus - Globe GoWiFi in Araneta Center
Here I am, attending the Globe GoWiFi grand launch at Gateway Mall and being so… well… Extra! LOL! :)

I was at the grand launch of Globe and Araneta Center’s milestone partnership earlier today at the activity center of Gateway Mall. During this event, both companies formally announced that the GoWiFi service has arrived in one of the metro’s biggest lifestyle complexes.

I’m so happy for the countless people, including mall-shoppers, who frequent the Araneta Center complex because they will now be able to experience reliable, stable, and secure WiFi connection.

Globe President and CEO, Ernest Cu - GoWiFi - Araneta Center
Globe President and CEO, Ernest Cu

Globe President and CEO, Ernest Cu, went on stage during the grand launch and happily shared the news to the audience. He said Globe ensures that customers have access to fast and reliable internet to make the most out of their digital lifestyle. Ernest adds that this partnership with Araneta Center will allow more customers to enjoy free WiFi services using Globe’s high-speed GoWiFi service to make their shopping — and internet surfing — truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Globe GoWiFi - Araneta Center
Araneta Center SVP for Business Development, John Peter B. Castelo

According to Araneta Center’s SVP for Business Development John Peter B. Castelo, The Araneta Center is happy to collaborate with Globe in providing a fast, reliable, and seamless Wi-Fi facility within their estate. They look forward to attract even more patrons by providing a robust internet-enabling service to many of their tech-savvy customers who rely heavily on their mobile phones and related devices for their lifestyle choices. This Araneta Center-Globe partnership offers an innovative shopping experience that comes with a huge benefit to their lessees and loyal shoppers.

Globe GoWiFi is officially at The Araneta Center
Globe GoWiFi is now officially available at The Araneta Center!

During the event I was already able to take advantage of GoWiFi’s super fast internet connection. I’m soooo happy knowing that starting today, whenever I visit Araneta Center, I will be able to enjoy super fast internet either for work, streaming videos, or for my social media fix.

Globe GoWiFi in Araneta Center

To enjoy free GoWiFi access while at the Araneta Center complex, Globe and non-Globe users can simply go to @AranetaCenter_FreeGoWiFi on their device’s WiFi setting, and click the SSID for Araneta Center @Araneta_FreeGoWiFi.

Use GoWiFi and get 1GB of data FREE!

Apart from the wonderful GoWiFi grand reveal for Araneta Center shoppers, there was even more good news announced for all Globe prepaid subscribers during the event. I’m sure you’re gonna love this!

Starting today, whenever Globe prepaid subscribers connect to any of over 2,500 Globe GoWiFi hotspots nationwide, they immediately get 1 GB of DATA FREE for mobile surfing which they can use whichever way they want. Yassssss! More data means more fun doing what you love online! Woohoo!

Ready, Set, GoWiFi!

GoWiFi is the country’s largest WiFi service in the country that aims to provide customers better WiFi experience with speeds of up to 100Mbps depending on the location. They are continuing their expansion plans nationwide, particularly in high-traffic areas like malls, hospitals, and schools to make high-quality internet connection accessible and affordable to more Filipinos.

Chuckie Dreyfus - Globe GoWiFi at Araneta Center
Here I am enjoying Globe GoWiFi at The Araneta Center! :)

Congratulations to Globe and The Araneta Center for a partnership that everyone, regardless of network — Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk N Text, Sun, and even international numbers — will truly benefit from.

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