Feeling fanny with the Freitag F645 PHELPS bag

I dropped by Urban Traveller & Co., my fave go-to travel and lifestyle store, to look for a super pogi, stylish, and functional cross-body bag (aka “fanny pack” for you millennials out there).

I decided not to go to the other usual stores anymore since I wanted something unique. Another reason was because I learned that there were many new Freitag bag models available and being showcased at Urban Traveller & Co. Perfect!

Personally, I’m really fascinated by the Freitag brand ever since I first heard about them. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because they use vintage truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts for their incredible products. And since I’ve never really owned any Freitag bag yet, it felt time to own one! :)

So, guys… this is what I got when I went to the store:

The Freitag F645 PHELPS

Super gandaaaaaaa!

Freitag F645 PHELPS - Urban Traveller & Co.

This particular bag is made from truck tarps, discarded seat belt straps, and the fabric is made from 100% recycled PET bottles! Aliw diba?! And because Freitag uses tarps, discarded and recycled materials, each bag has its own unique design. Yup! That means sure every Freitag item being sold is one of a kind! You can be sure that whatever bag you buy will never have the same exact design anywhere else in the world.

Freitag F645 PHELPS - Urban Traveller & Co. - checking bag

The Freitag F645 PHELPS also has a hidden pocket for your smartphone, IDs, and credit/debit cards. The belt strap uses a magnetic closing system. It’s worth noting that the magnet is very VERY strong.

Freitag F645 PHELPS - Urban Traveller & Co.

I’m sooooo happy with my new bag! *happy dance!* You can wear it like a fanny pack or as a belt bag. Which ever way you wear it, it just looks great.

Freitag F645 PHELPS - Urban Traveller & Co. - inspecting bag design

Bagay ba? Hahaha!

Freitag F645 PHELPS - Urban Traveller & Co. - Chuckie Dreyfus

Guys, if you love quality travel and lifestyle bags, and lots of cool knick-knacks, visit Urban Traveller & Co. They have branches located at Greenbelt 5, Vertis North, One Bonifacio High Street, and Shangri-La Plaza (the actual name of their store inside Shangri-La Plaza is Alter Ego).

You can also check out their Facebook Page by clicking here and visiting their official Instagram account here: @urbantravellerco

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